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20% на ЗСУ

  • Розмір: 36*40 см, ручка 64 см, см
  • Матеріал: саржа (80% поліестер 20% бавовна)
  • Внутрішня кишеня
  • Закривається на блискавку
  • Підходить до 15" MacBook
    live on our Instagram: #blb14041

- Дозволено прати при 30 градусах.

- Дозволено прасувати при високій температурі уникаючи принт.

We offer two payment options:
- online when placing an order (Apple Pay)
- payment upon receipt at Nova Post (cash on delivery)

We offer delivery services through Nova Poshta across Ukraine. Orders are typically dispatched within 1-3 days, often on the same day as the order placement. The delivery charges are paid by the recipient, and you can calculate the estimated delivery cost at https://novaposhta.ua/ru/delivery.

1. UkrPoshta provides international shipping services to most countries worldwide, with the exception of Russia, Belarus, Eritrea, China, Syria, and India. If your shipment is destined for any of the following countries, Poland, Moldova, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania, or Germany, we recommend using Nova Poshta's services.

- The processing time for shipments is typically 1-4 business days.
- UkrPoshta's estimated delivery time is 14-30 days.
- Nova Poshta's estimated delivery times are as follows:
Poland, Moldova: from 3 days
Lithuania, Romania, Germany: from 14 days

2. You can place your order directly on our website or by sending us a request on Instagram - the.blub.com
3. Customers are required to pay the delivery costs upfront when placing their order.

$10 (370 UAH) for one shopper
$17 (640 UAH) for 2-3 shoppers

$10 (370 UAH) through NOVA POSHTA for shipments to Poland, Moldova, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania, and Germany.

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